Hang Li Yummy Toy
Yummy Toy is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Toys, Games and Hobby Products Design Award Category.
Yummy Toy

Yummy offers a restaurant simulation play experience for children. The main body of the design contains a teppanyaki oven, a cash register, a set of wooden ingredients and a set of wooden menus. The toy kit can be played by more than one person. By playing different roles such as customers and chefs, children can try to learn how a restaurant works, such as taking orders, cooking, serving and checking out, which may play a positive initiation role in developing their hands-on, cognitive and social skills.

Yummy Toy
Hang Li Yummy
Hang Li Toy
Hang Li design
Hang Li design
Hang Li

As an industrial design student from Zhejiang University, I try to make popular forms of interaction or products known and enjoyed by more people, so that more people can experience the fun of interaction in different forms. However, there are countless people of different ages, different economic levels, different health conditions, and so on, and even the so-called well-known things may be completely different from different perspectives. The meaning of industrial design is to create to the greatest extent possible, using the same materials and processes, so that the products and designs can serve more people.

Zhejiang University

It is a famous institution of higher learning with a long history, located in the historical and cultural city of Hangzhou, a scenic tourist destination in China. Zhejiang University is a comprehensive, research-based and innovative university with distinctive features and has a strong influence in China and abroad.