Gabriela Herde Riverside 01 Facade Project
Riverside 01 Facade Project is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Riverside 01 Facade Project

Its base is the representation of the movement of the waters of the river, when they meet the waters of the sea! Rhythm and lightness, following the blow of the good winds! The body of the building receives three hundred and sixty degrees of differentiated treatment, that is, in its four facades, according to the solar positioning of each one, through mobile and fixed louvers, vegetation and suitable coatings. On the Rooftop, its green slabs serve as a connection between river, sea and sky.

Riverside 01 Facade Project
Gabriela Herde Riverside 01
Gabriela Herde Facade Project
Gabriela Herde design
Gabriela Herde design
Gabriela Herde

Since 2010, the head of the office that carries her name, Gabriela Herde, works with a focus on high-end residential and commercial projects. Graduated in Design and Architecture and Urbanism, her projects are characterized by the use of noble and natural materials, always valuing sustainability and respect for the environment. Consolidated and recognized office, invests in a motivated team composed of architects and designers. Adept of constant renewal, participates annually in some of the main courses, events and exhibitions, national and international, She believes that these events contribute to her creative process.

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