Eren Dönertas Aselsan Hlm Heart Lung Machine
Aselsan Hlm Heart Lung Machine is Golden Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Medical Devices and Medical Equipment Design Award Category.
Aselsan Hlm Heart Lung Machine

The modular heart-lung machine is designed to provide users with the ability to create configurations tailored to the needs of each open-heart surgery. By utilizing a custom-designed layout specific to each surgery, the device's parts contribute to a significant reduction in blood hemolysis, leading to a higher success rate of the postoperative healing process. The design aims to enhance the performance of users during operations by reducing their physical and mental load. The device achieves this by providing clear information and bringing vital interactions closer to them.

Aselsan Hlm Heart Lung Machine
Eren Dönertas Aselsan Hlm
Eren Dönertas Heart Lung Machine
Eren Dönertas design
Eren Dönertas design
Eren Dönertas

Eren Dönertaş holds both a Bachelor's degree (2019) and a Master's degree (2023) and has a background in user experience design. After his graduation, his interests shifted towards healthcare product design, and he currently works on projects in this field. His Master's thesis has provided him with valuable experience in the sector. As a product designer, his work aims to improve patients' well-being by enhancing the experience of medical product users. His designs reflect a deep understanding of the unique challenges posed by healthcare products, with the intention of making a positive impact on people's lives.


Aselsan is one of the leading electronics manufacturers in Turkey, with products and services ranging from communication and information technologies, electro-optics, transportation, security, radar, defense, traffic, and automation systems, to medical systems and space technologies. The company has five business sectors. UGES Business Sector is the one that is related to the sectors of transportation, security, energy, smart systems, and healthcare systems. UGES Business Sector’s vision: Being a high-tech company that designs the future with industrial products and globally keeps sustainable development. UGES Business Sector’s mission: Taking advantage of the potentials and sources at a maximum level to transform technological achievements into economic values.