CANUCH Mass Series Sumi Limited Furniture
Mass Series Sumi Limited Furniture is Golden Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Furniture Design Award Category.
Mass Series Sumi Limited Furniture

The mass series sumi limited features a contrast between different materials, combining a steel frame with charred cedar inspired by the inky black landscape of Aso annual Noyaki. Sumi limited is designed to express the unique Aso experience, where people and nature coexist and press on together in a majestic yet harsh volcanic environment, along with the seeds of life sprouting from the inky black world of noyaki. This series is limited to 25 units sold annually. Cedar is charred to gain glossiness and organic feature with defined grains.

Mass Series Sumi Limited Furniture
CANUCH Mass Series Sumi Limited
CANUCH Furniture
CANUCH design
CANUCH design

Their designs seek something functional, beautiful and rational, and they embody "relational design" through each project as an element other than rationality in things that form a shape. Currently, he is expanding his field of activities to product design and branding design in addition to space design.

Fil Studios

FIL is based in Minami-Oguni, Kumamoto prefecture. Minami-Oguni is a town located to the north of Aso caldera which has an active volcano to this day. Aso caldera is internationally famous and about 50,000 people call it home. Rather than just making products, FIL came about with an ambition to protect and preserve the landscape and natural resources that communities cherished and harness it for future generations. With a concept of Fulfilling Life, a lifestyle brand FIL makes locally produced furniture, aroma products and other daily-use items in Minami-Oguni, Aso, Kumamoto. FIL exists to quest the ideal way of being and pursuing the values of Fulfilling life.