Sara Kele Cotangens Outdoor Furniture Collection
Cotangens Outdoor Furniture Collection is Iron Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Garden and Outdoor Furniture Design Award Category.
Cotangens Outdoor Furniture Collection

By the post-pandemic era, communal activities have significantly shifted outdoors. CoTangens is a furniture family inspired by this shift, bringing the beauty, comfort, and practicality of indoors furniture out to the sun. For the individual and the community alike, with strong character yet endless variability. A fretty construction structure makes it fit any natural environment without changing its ambiance. Clever modularity makes it adaptable to any situation outdoors. It’s also a showcase for newly developed sustainable materials.

Cotangens Outdoor Furniture Collection
Sara Kele Cotangens
Sara Kele Outdoor Furniture Collection
Sara Kele design
Sara Kele design
Sarakele Studio

Rotte Group is the result of a group of company, that is taking a leading position worldwide, in designing and producing business facilities, creating professional service. The team is building up from different specialists: communication and marketing specialists, business experts, architects, interior designers, industrial and graphic designers, engineers, craftsmen, skilled workers. Everyone is enriching/improving the work, by adding their own know-how, to each and every process, creating , developing, and accomplishing unique / customized projects that definitely will captivate the heart of the customer. Sarakele studio creates exciting, yet simple and timeless furnitures and interiors - always keeping sustainability in focus. Her experimental, forward-thinking approach goes beyond the visual, exploring new materials and production methods. Localism is a priority, whenever it’s possible she intertwines traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art, innovative techniques. She urges factories to focus on sustainability, and awareness on environmental- and societal effects of production.