Caterina Moretti Barro Lamp
Barro Lamp is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Barro Lamp

Barro Lamp captures the warmth of nature in a composition of clay and glass. This pendant lamp is made of two elements where the Mexican city of Oaxaca is the main character. Molded by San Bartolo Coyotepec craftspeople who have mastered Barro Negro since pre-Columbian times; a blown-glass dome covers the clay structure: symbolic protection guarding precious objects. Barro lamp is available in two versions: red clay and transparent shade and black clay with a gray shade.

Barro Lamp
Caterina Moretti Barro
Caterina Moretti Lamp
Caterina Moretti design
Caterina Moretti design
Caterina Moretti

Caterina has the ability to focus her vision on the tiniest details of her furniture, accessories and interior design projects, while simultaneously looking to the horizon to direct her design studio. As a designer, her inspiration is in nature, in raw materials that offer multiple possibilities of shapes and textures, and in their ability to be transformed into everyday objects. Her passion for texture and contrast has translated into a range of objects that infuse the organic and subtle with an original point of view, always provoking a contemplative twist. Peca’s presence in awards, exhibits and retail spaces around the world is due to the careful selection of artisans and guest designers that Caterina she chooses to work with, as well as her unique spirit that allows her to flow in unexpected directions.


Barro Lamp was designed by Caterina Moretti for Graypants. Anchored in Seattle and Amsterdam, Graypants was founded as an opportunity to apply an architectural mindset to product design and art enhancing space and enriching experiences. Graypants’ work, rooted in light-minded design, includes architecture, product design, art installation, and exhibition. The partnership between Graypants and Caterina Moretti was born of their friendship, kindred design spirit, and a curiosity to explore working with wholly natural materials; Barro is made from clay pulled directly from the earth of Oaxaca, handcrafted, and finished with only the power of heat and smoke.