Torres Arquitetos Collina del Faro Residential Bulding
Collina del Faro Residential Bulding is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Collina del Faro Residential Bulding

Collina del Faro is a residential building with 8 apartments, located on a site in the foot of farol hill and next to the beach in the city of Torres-RS, in southern Brazil. It is a building that takes advantage of the natural beauties present in its surroundings to propose a dialogue between architecture and nature, achieved through the staggering of floors that, in addition to making reference to the topography itself, allow the creation of terraces with pools with a direct view of the sea for each apartment.

Collina del Faro Residential Bulding
Torres Arquitetos Collina del Faro
Torres Arquitetos Residential Bulding
Torres Arquitetos design
Torres Arquitetos design
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The Montebello Construtora company started its activities in 1997 with the homonymous building that gave the company its name. Its priority is the happiness, pride and tranquility of its customers in acquiring a property from the company. For this purpose, it incessantly seeks to work towards a high quality product, from the choice of location, development of the best architectural and functional project, through the choice of execution partners, the materials used and finishes.