Ao Han The Beijing Parade Restaurant
The Beijing Parade Restaurant is Golden Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
The Beijing Parade Restaurant

The space is featured by concise and refined style, but reveals an ingeniously subtle clue and metaphor of those brilliant achievements of the Silk Road, which is a reinterpretation of the historical nodes of the great international exchanges. The designers paid homage to ancient Chinese by designing living scenes with a human touch to reproduce the world of the Tang people and create a Belt and Road-themed restaurant that blends feasting styles.

The Beijing Parade Restaurant
Ao Han The Beijing Parade
Ao Han Restaurant
Ao Han design
Ao Han design
Ao Han

Ao Han is an experienced designer. He focuses on creating better design, making design better through aesthetics and innovation. He is highly skilled in combining different local culture with his works. In his design, he can get rid of anything other than what is essential and simplify everything complicated. He contributes to presenting the most Chinese restaurant aesthetics through contemporary design language.

Beijing Hantang Landscape Interior Design Co., Ltd.

Beijing H.T Design Limited Company is a design company vertical to the restaurant industry, which is committed to building the emotional connection between food and people in a business-focused and space-based manner, and creating the superlative and genial space aesthetics. It aims to establish the most appropriate consumer scenario through design, to present the undervalued aesthetic value of products, and break the final barrier and stand out the core competence of the customer enterprise.