Sepehr Mehrdadfar Ballerina Workstation
Ballerina Workstation is Bronze Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Office Furniture Design Award Category.
Ballerina Workstation

In office spaces, one of the most important used tools is working group desks, which have almost the largest amount of furniture in the space. Extensive use of this furniture can be seen in open offices and shared offices. The presence of a large number of these tables in any office space affects the form and function of this type of table on the atmosphere and quality of space, so the ballerina affects the group of users by increasing the quality of space.

Ballerina Workstation
Sepehr Mehrdadfar Ballerina
Sepehr Mehrdadfar Workstation
Sepehr Mehrdadfar design
Sepehr Mehrdadfar design
Sepehr Mehrdadfar

Sepehr was born in 1986 in Tehran. He studied architecture and graduated with a master's degree in interior design. He has been working professionally in the field of interior design for several years and he has been supervising a group of four architects since 2018 .This group is specialized in designing furniture and lighting. They are among the first designers who design furniture in Iran and have won awards in Iran and abroad. ā€¸Sepehr is always trying to design objects that evoke an emotion in the audience and give meaning to life in addition to functionality, and are lasting and unforgettable in the human mind.

Hamoun Design and Idea

HAMOUN which could be roughly translated to desert, is the name of a group of young and passionate Iranian artists. designers and architects who are working on art and design interconnections, from a local point of view and in search of the Persian aesthetics.