Farzan Shamasblou Synchron Desk Clock
Synchron Desk Clock is Bronze Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Homeware Design Award Category.
Synchron Desk Clock

Synchron is a universal analog clock that displays the official time of different countries simultaneously. Unlike digital clocks, this desk clock displays a similar situation in all locations, ie, it contrasts the mechanical understanding of time with its arbitrary understanding. The concept is about problematic confrontation with time, and it's taken from a critical perspective that recognizes the clock as a symbol of labor in the digital age. A type of aesthetic in performance, that in the present age is considered as a useless decorative abject, that is expected to work continuously.

Synchron Desk Clock
Farzan Shamasblou Synchron
Farzan Shamasblou Desk Clock
Farzan Shamasblou design
Farzan Shamasblou design
Farzan Shamasblou

Farzan Shamasblou is an Iranian architect and multidisciplinary designer, and has been the design director of Pratic studio since 2016. He earned his Master’s degree from IA University in Tehran after having completed his bachelor in Khayyam University of Mashhad, IRAN. Prior to founding Pratic Studio, Farzan was an associate architect at “Shirdel and Associates Architects”, and previously worked in both independent and collaborative design environments. Interested in creative problem solving and critical design thinking, Farzan has worked on multiple projects in various fields of design, including award-winning architectural projects, as well as furniture, products and artworks that have been featured in exhibitions.

Pratic Studio

Pratic Studio is a multidisciplinary design practice based in Tehran. The studio began its activity in 2016 by focusing on an interdisciplinary approach of architecture and design, and in 2017 established its official brand in classification of "scientific and industrial services, research and related design", under Iran National Regulations of Intellectual Property. Our activity in Pratic studio includes a wide range of design disciplines like architecture and landscape design, interior design, product design and graphic design. Currently, Pratic studio is fulfilling its main activities in two fields of “space-oriented” and “object-oriented” under the titles of Pratic[A] and Pratic[P], and it expands its design thought with the corresponding influence of these two environmental and spatial approaches.