Yen Lin Shen LPCP 5th Anniversary Newspaper Design
LPCP 5th Anniversary Newspaper Design is Bronze Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Print and Published Media Design Award Category.
LPCP 5th Anniversary Newspaper Design

Purpose: Introduce Les Petites Choses Production (LPCP) in a quick and interactive way. Highlights LPCP's core values, achievements, 14 dancers, and five main chapters. Unique design with interactive folding and creative ingenuity presents at least six different views. Provides a deeper understanding of LPCP's identity and values, engaging readers with new perspectives and insights into their work. Makes it easier for the audience to connect with LPCP and appreciate their unique approach to contemporary dance.

LPCP 5th Anniversary Newspaper Design
Yen Lin Shen LPCP 5th Anniversary
Yen Lin Shen Newspaper Design
Yen Lin Shen design
Yen Lin Shen design
Yen Lin Shen

The individual has been a freelance designer for approximately three years and specializes in Western-style and avant-garde design. They mainly undertake projects in brand design, visual design, packaging, backpack design, and various other graphic design-related fields. Their work has won international awards such as the Dutch Indigo Awards, Communication Arts Design Awards, and MUSE Design Awards.

Les Petites Choses Production

Founded in February 2014, Les Petites Choses Production is a contemporary dance company which is a collective of 14 contemporary and street dancers and one strategy designer led by the Artistic Director Nai-Hsuan Yang. The company has strived to work with diverse artists to create inspirational performances and activities. We have also been dedicated to community engagement with the creation of the ‘Monday School’ with the vision of dance and ‘Art is for everyone’.