La Jato del Gato Mocats Multifunctional Cat Furniture
Mocats Multifunctional Cat Furniture is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Pet Care, Toys, Supplies and Products for Animals Design Award Category.
Mocats Multifunctional Cat Furniture

The Mocats (Modular Cacoons for Cats) are modular elements for feline environmental enrichment and are made up of a series of pieces of Cardboard and Plywood, joined by an internal structure. The cardboard pieces form the floor, the ceiling, and the internal walls of the modules; while plywood pieces form the internal structure and external walls. This multifunctional and eco-friendly furniture, allows cats to scratch, climb, hide, observe, sleep, and play; and can adapt to the different lifestyles and spaces within the homes.

Mocats Multifunctional Cat Furniture
La Jato del Gato Mocats
La Jato del Gato Multifunctional Cat Furniture
La Jato del Gato design
La Jato del Gato design
La Jato del Gato

"La Jato del Gato" is a Peruvian start-up of cat products design. They design multifunctional and eco friendly products that helps the daily lives of cats and their owners. They have designed a new assembly system, which can revolutionize the market of cat products. This system allows them to create circular economy products and a manufacturing model that can be replicated in different countries. Through these new technologies and designs, "La Jato del Gato" can manufacture in different countries, with local materials and labor, and thus help reduce pollution made by exports.

La Jato del Gato

"La Jato del Gato" is a Peruvian brand specialized in implementing digital manufacturing to develop eco-designs of cat products. Its designs allow various mechanics of use, so that users can customize their cat's recreational space and in turn optimize the home space. They enhance the user experience and strengthen the affective bond between cats and humans.