Mahdokht Rezakhani Dastbaf Board Game
Dastbaf Board Game is Bronze Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Toys, Games and Hobby Products Design Award Category.
Dastbaf Board Game

The Persian carpet is the most significant aspect of Persian culture. The initial design idea for a board game on a carpet weaving theme originated from the visual principles of Persian miniatures. Illustrations follow the symbolism and abstraction in Persian carpet design as they allow players to interact with each other and brake into the game story. Player boards are specific cities in Iran that are the most recognized for their handmade carpets. Color diversity and dancing motifs surrounding a part of a carpet are considered in the package illustration to empower the visual identity.

Dastbaf  Board Game
Mahdokht Rezakhani Dastbaf
Mahdokht Rezakhani Board Game
Mahdokht Rezakhani design
Mahdokht Rezakhani design
Mahdokht Rezakhani

Mahdokht Rezakhani is a graphic designer and visual artist who lives and works in Tehran. Since studying painting at Tehran University in 2006, she has involved her strong sense of color, layout, and style in illustrations, textile arts, book design, and more. She has developed her artistic activity into cultural projects by integrating her passion for illustration and researching on Persian visual identity.

Houpaa Publication

Houpaa publication is a house engaged in publishing fiction and nonfiction books and board games for children and young adults based in Iran, Tehran. Houpaa is the first actual board game publisher in Iran and the most important one among the current publishers.