Masato Kure Deji Cultural Complex Museum
Deji Cultural Complex Museum is Platinum Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Deji Cultural Complex Museum

Deji Cultural Complex provides a fusion of cultural arts and commercial facilities. It has six extensive facilities including an art museum, a museum, a bookstore, shops, and a café on its top 7300 m2 floor. The coexistence of these facilities allows customers to stop by at one they would not have otherwise visited. What makes The Triangle. JP's design innovation is that they entirely got rid of walls between spaces. By eliminating partitions, it freed the space from having boundaries between inside and outside giving customers a little "preview" before entering the space.

Deji Cultural Complex Museum
Masato Kure Deji Cultural Complex
Masato Kure Museum
Masato Kure design
Masato Kure design
Masato Kure

THE TRIANGLE.JP is commercial space design professional team. They reflect “current” Tokyo in our work, embodying the new and exciting. This is why THE TRIANGLE.JP's designs are never dull. Tokyo is an ever-changing city. It has an enormous energy which is constantly expanding. THE TRIANGLE.JP embraces that spirit and firmly believe that every work should be a masterpiece of the “current”. It is the mission to provide the most updated design for the people living in the present day.

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TRIANGLE.JP is a commercial space design professional team. We pursue "WAKU WAKU” – that exciting, anticipating and thrilling feeling you get when you are about to experience something new. We redefine space by exploring the bounds of human senses. We reflect the vibes of ever-changing “current” Tokyo. We refuse to create dull space designs. We create with the user’s experience in mind. We practice the high standards of Japanese craftsmanship. WE BREAK CONVENTION AND LIBERATE SPACES