Oleh Syrbu Anastazya Chandelier
Anastazya Chandelier is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Limited Edition and Custom Design Award Category.
Anastazya Chandelier

Anastazya is a handmade chandelier made of stainless steel and adorned with colored crystal beads. Only metal and crystal glass were used here. The designers created elements of the frame of the chandelier in a neoclassical style. The surface of the elements has a high gloss. Light sources are made in the form of copper flowers and decorated with rhinestones. Anastazya radiates light thanks to modern led chips that are hidden between rhinestones. Strands of crystal beads refract light and reflect on the polished metal surface.

Anastazya Chandelier
Oleh Syrbu Anastazya
Oleh Syrbu Chandelier
Oleh Syrbu design
Oleh Syrbu design
Oleh Syrbu

Oleh Syrbu became a blacksmith at the call of his heart. This craft brings him satisfaction every day. After seven years of experimenting with stainless steel, Oleh founded the “LF LaceFerr” brand, and under this trademark presents his best creations, which can be noted as non-traditional, authentic, emotional handicrafts. Oleh believes that this is his calling to create beautiful and unique products using steel, crystal and fire. In this process, he spends almost all his free time for more than twenty years.

LF LaceFerr

Design and manufacture of artistic articles made of stainless steel and non-ferrous metals for interiors: lighting, furniture, art objects. All products from the brand "LF LaceFerr" are made manually. Production is based on unique proprietary technologies stainless steel processing and ancient techniques of blacksmithing arts.