Helen Koss Acronis Sofia Office Space
Acronis Sofia Office Space is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Acronis Sofia Office Space

Acronis Sofia office area, spreads over 5 floors in one of the most progressive office buildings in Sofia, NV Tower. Helen Koss Interiors was tasked to developed an office design based on the company's brand identity. The development of the layout and the design was done via online workshops with collaboration of multiple teams within the company located worldwide. The design team implemented the highest standards of finishes, security features, hygiene and innovation. The inspiration for illumination in recreation and collaboration areas was drawn from the mesmerizing works of James Turrell.

Acronis Sofia Office Space
Helen Koss Acronis Sofia
Helen Koss Office Space
Helen Koss design
Helen Koss design
Helen Koss

From public lofts to private cozy apartments, I strive to create environments that will become a natural extension of their inhabitants’ personalities. My broad experience allows me to chose the essential style mix for any particular project I’m working on.

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Helen Koss Interiors is award-wining Sofia based interior design studio known for its professionalism, aesthetic and inspiring approach to capturing the heart and soul of every project. Founded in 2009 in Tel Aviv by Helen Koss, in 2013 the studio moved to Sofia and since then, the interior architecture and design firm have built a vast portfolio of office ,residential and commercial space . Our team includes a mix of designers and creative talent who are firmly committed to the success of every project. And we like to have fun along the w