Federico Varone Abrete y Cierrate Cabinet
Abrete y Cierrate Cabinet is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Furniture Design Award Category.
Abrete y Cierrate Cabinet

The designer was inspired in the creation of the Abrete y Cierrate cabinet by the garlands and the limits between the interior and exterior, in how they contract and expand, changing shape through movement. With that in mind, he thought in a product that would allow to bring together aspects of technique, function, aesthetics and experimentation. This experience is generated with the contrasts of light and shadow that occurs as the day goes by. The textures emerge with moving lights and shadows, merging the interior and exterior, what is visible and what is not.

Abrete y Cierrate Cabinet
Federico Varone Abrete y Cierrate
Federico Varone Cabinet
Federico Varone design
Federico Varone design
Federico Varone

Federico Varone says he is on the border between the designer and the artist. He crosses the border between abstraction and technique. He works between what is free and unprejudiced, between what is rigid and technical. The objects he creates have a soul, a second purpose that is discovered when they are used, they have a second reading as a hidden treasure for whoever wants to find it. For him, this double meaning is something essential that he tries to put into each of his designs. He is a restless and curious person, always discovering new themes for new design proposals.

Federico Varone Studio

The design office specializes in industrial design, furniture collections, lighting, objects and business consulting. He has been working in the project area for more than ten years collaborating with different national and international companies. Through the products, it seeks a connection with individuals that goes beyond aesthetic issues, exploring the dialogue between the artistic ‘free and unprejudiced’ and the technique ‘rigid and disciplined’.