Alice K Ukrainian Kashambas Website
Ukrainian Kashambas Website is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Website and Web Design Award Category.
Ukrainian Kashambas Website

Lightning strikes, flames consume everything. Kashambas. 10 brave warriors came to help people. Every Kashamba is unique and brings justice. In this terrifying time we need Kashambas. So it was decided to create a Nft collection and Pitch deck website. With this collection, millions of people can help stop violence. Just by making a donation, the funds will go to help people and animals. Bright colors create a positive emotional background, primary purple and accent colors: pink, orange, yellow. The typography reflects the character: strict and serious.

Ukrainian Kashambas Website
Alice K Ukrainian Kashambas
Alice K Website
Alice K design
Alice K design
Alice K

Alice K is a UX/UI designer with a huge background of experience. Her vision is extraordinary, you can see it in her work: own style is felt in all projects, but despite this, each project is unique, with own character and emotions. Her competence is proven by many awards and recognitions, she is also a member of the jury of many design competitions and public person, has own UX/UI design course and is a web design mentor. Leads useful educational blogs about UX/UI design on popular social networks, because she wants to convey to the public the full value of modern design.


NFT Ukrainian collection. Kashamba — hungry, angry cat. Also, raised money from “Ukrainian Kashambas” will be used to the evacuation of people️, pets and humanitarian support. 10 brave warriors came to help people. Every kashamba is unique and brings justice… In this terrifying time we need kashambas.