Shilpa Sharma Ethnic Fusion Jumpsuit
Ethnic Fusion Jumpsuit is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Category.
Ethnic Fusion Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit is done on Indian ethnic printed fabric and can be donned on both casual outings and special occasions. The yellow color signifies both purity and sensuality and adds to the appeal. The inspiration is derived from ancient Indian scribbles coupled with modern design sensibilities. The idea was to design a dress that can act as a comfy jumpsuit and at the same time gives a high fashion statement.

Ethnic Fusion  Jumpsuit
Shilpa Sharma Ethnic Fusion
Shilpa Sharma Jumpsuit
Shilpa Sharma design
Shilpa Sharma design
Shilpa Sharma

The founder director and in-house producer of Atiksh Entertainment Pvt Ltd, an internationally recognized & multi award winning company, Shilpa has bachelors & masters in information technology. She is also an accredited Nutrition Consultant & Yoga Practitioner. She has education, exposure, experience and an acute sense in fashion, which enabled the company to start new brands ‘Squacle’ and ‘Style Shrankhla’.


SQUACLE is a Fusion-wear & Active-wear Fashion Brand. The brand is a brain child of award winning Indian Fashion Designer Shilpa Sharma, who also owns the Indian Ethnic Brand Style Shrankhla. The parent company deals in lifestyle, entertainment, fashion and leisure segments.