Samara Diab Siin Beirut Bracelet
Siin Beirut Bracelet is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Siin Beirut Bracelet

Siin Beirut is a gold charm bracelet of 5 letters based on the Kufic Arabic script forming the word "Beirut", with diacritic dots in turquoise stones. The charms are of a modular unit with characters of 2.5x5.5 units; this structure allows for the ascenders and descenders of the Arabic characters to be uniform in size. While these characters are often connected, these isolated ones can be moved around to form new words. The pointed arches in the script are laser engraved on top to mirror the arches found in Beirut's traditional architecture.

Siin Beirut Bracelet
Samara Diab Siin Beirut
Samara Diab Bracelet
Samara Diab design
Samara Diab design
Samara Diab

Samara Diab is an award-winning graphic designer with over 8 years of experience in the field. Her vast experience has actively shaped her approaches in presenting personalized designs for different brands. Samara is a committed person - always on the trail for innovation. She has been engaged with an interdisciplinary background in jewelry, art, and design. Her designs reflect her character and can be best described as loud and outgoing. Her creative approaches can be seen in the combination of typography with other design elements creating a unique visual representation. She is a multilingual designer who is always on the go to challenge, inspire, and lead.