Desdorp Desibot Intelligent Disinfection Robot
Desibot Intelligent Disinfection Robot is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Robotics, Automaton and Automation Design Award Category.
Desibot Intelligent Disinfection Robot

Desibot is an autonomous indoor robot designed to disinfect various public spaces to prevent viruses and bacteria spread (including Sars-Cov2). This modern solution is built with an intelligent ultraviolet light disinfection function. The whole system is engineered to provide a sterile environment in hospitals and clinics without using chemicals or putting workers and clients at unnecessary risk. Desibot cases can be produced with 3D printing technology, which allows products to be manufactured locally in small amounts according to the need, to be personalized, and reduce the retail price.

Desibot Intelligent Disinfection Robot
Desdorp Desibot
Desdorp Intelligent Disinfection Robot
Desdorp design
Desdorp design

Desdorp is industrial product design studio. Each new design project for them is an inspiring journey where understandable, aesthetic and innovative objects are born. In cooperation with companies Desdorp strive for the best results that bring customer satisfaction. The studio is represented by designers Deividas Juozulynas and Denis Orlenok who have won several national and international awards. A combination of multiple design techniques and methods as well as integration of different users and manufacturing specialists into the development process always lead to the most convenient design solutions. Desdorp helps to transform each client's first idea and sketch into the industrially produced product used by people on daily basis.


The main mission of Geobaltic is to provide high-quality geophysical research services, making a minimal impact on the environment. It is an experienced, socially responsible company with an environmental friendliness mindset at its’ core. Geobaltic was established in 2004 as a geoscience consulting company with the main focus on seismic data processing and interpretation projects. Since 2010 2D/3D onshore seismic acquisition and well-logging services have been provided. The main field of business is inseparable from high-tech applications and therefore the company has close links with academic institutions. A large number of highly skilled professionals with PhD and MSc degrees are employed. Despite the fact of main areas of activity in seismic data acquisition, processing and interpretation, near surface geophysics for engineering and geological / archaeological purposes, the company has a high level of expertise in engineering robots and bringing them to life.