Nataliya Kozhokar Peace Residential House
Peace Residential House is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Peace Residential House

The building of the house started in a forest near Kyiv in Ukraine, still in peacetime, but on the eve of the war. The blooming nature lives within the house through panoramic windows, this creates a lightness and visually expands the space of the interior, as well as the 3m. ceilings and modern flush doors making the space elegant and stylish. Natural eco-friendly materials in light colors create coziness, and thin black lines emphasize the peculiar touch of the creator throughout the whole house. The atmosphere in the house reflects a state of calm and harmony, which means Peace.

Peace Residential House
Nataliya Kozhokar Peace
Nataliya Kozhokar Residential House
Nataliya Kozhokar design
Nataliya Kozhokar design
Nataliya Kozhokar

Nataliya Kozhokar is a professional interior designer with a university degree, 11 years of experience and many completed projects. She loves to implement creative ideas in step with the times and to select materials, furniture, lighting and textiles competently and tastefully... all this in it’s complexity should be like a single picture with an ideal composition, colour harmony and unique style. Nataliya always says: “Talent and science are the path to excellence and a great future! New higher technologies are male discoveries that develop our world. And for a woman there is no more suitable and beautiful profession than to be creative, decorating all our surroundings for her pleasure! A woman was born in order to create beauty around herself and in the whole world, which is truly diverse and beautiful from nature. And art in combination with the highest technologies makes it even more beautiful and perfect!”

Nataliya Kozhokar

Kozhokar Nataliya Fedorivna is a professional interior designer with an art education, a high degree in environment design (interior, exterior, landscape) and 11 years of experience in the field of interior design. Her work is her hobby! Her soul sings while creating beauty, aesthetics and harmony in a space that is primarily functional and useful to each person individually ... and especially when the soul of the customer sings from the results as well!