Weixian He The Land of Rocks Temporary Exhibitions
The Land of Rocks Temporary Exhibitions is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Trade Show Architecture, Interiors, and Exhibit Design Award Category.
The Land of Rocks Temporary Exhibitions

The Land of Rocks is a temporary booth for 2020 Guangzhou Design Week. The total area is 180 square meters. The customers' sintered stone products are applied to the space in a flexible way and presented to the public, expressing the concept of customized, high-end and professional. The purpose is not only to express expression and artistry, but also to attract the attention of designers and professionals, creating conditions for brand communication and brand appreciation.

The Land of Rocks Temporary Exhibitions
Weixian He The Land of Rocks
Weixian He Temporary Exhibitions
Weixian He design
Weixian He design
Wise Space Aesthetics

Guangdong Wise Space Aesthetics and Art Design Co.,Ltd.(A council member of Guangdong Association of Art Crafts and Decoration Industry) was established in September,2009. Customization and sale of the space soft outfit design and furnishings,( including furniture, lamps,swings, flower arrangement and other decorations) is our main direction. The scope of our business includes model rooms, showrooms of ceramics, hotels,clubs, villa residence and other commercial space. In a big modern studio,nearly 2000 square meters, we have designed and created a large number of classic works.“Wise” means brilliant, knowledgeable and intelligent… With a wide range of knowledge, a professional team and rich experience, we committed ourselves to providing high standard soft loading design service and creating art space with life philosophy.