Muhammed El Sepaey Almana Medical Center
Almana Medical Center is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Almana Medical Center

The design aims to reduce patients' anxiety and stress, accelerate recovery, shorten hospitalizations, reduce medication use, lessen pain, and promote a sense of well being by creating a well designed healing environment. Spaces are designed to be nurturing and therapeutic. On the organizational level, the design helps to enhance staff satisfaction, productivity and retention. Form of the building allows for the natural flow of space, air and light. The design combines advanced practices for lighting, day lighting, HVAC and water treatment systems that use significantly less energy.

Almana Medical Center
Muhammed El Sepaey Almana
Muhammed El Sepaey Medical Center
Muhammed El Sepaey design
Muhammed El Sepaey design
Muhammed El Sepaey

Muhammed El-Sepaey is a Design Manager, his duties start with the conceptual design, design development, coordination, material selection and following up the construction sites until projects handover. His Designs are examples of attitudes rather than designs. His passion for healthcare architecture is fueled by the desire to create healing environment to engage patients in the conscious process of self-healing and spiritual growth. His adept technical, organizational and interpersonal skills are an asset to any team and are evidenced by the successes of his diverse experiences with a range of clinical spaces and building typologies.

Almana Group

The Almana Group is one of the renowned, independent, family-owned, group of companies in the Gulf region. Today with 4 ultra-modern multi-speciality hospitals and a state of the art Dental Center, Ebrahim M. Almana & Bros. Co. stands tall and proudly claims to be the largest medical company and healthcare providers in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Presently, the group has more than 7000 well trained, experienced and professional personnel. With a diversified approach serving different sectors of the medical market, EMA has established itself as a Centre of Excellence among other professional medical organizations of the Kingdom.