Betina Greca Menescal Moels and Co 528 Watch
Moels and Co 528 Watch is Golden Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Jewelry Design Award Category.
Moels and Co 528 Watch

Moels and Co 528 is a mid modern century inspired wrist watch with a rectangular shaped case and an asymmetric dial which was sectioned according to the golden ratio. The dial is painted with a silver metallic base mixed with a pigment coating that provides a luminous finish and depending on the light circumstances the color of the dial changes creating an effect that is highly attractive. Without frills, complications or needless decorations this design is truly uncommon on today's market.

Moels and Co 528 Watch
Betina Greca Menescal Moels and Co 528
Betina Greca Menescal Watch
Betina Greca Menescal design
Betina Greca Menescal design
Betina Greca Menescal

Betina Menescal is a born Brazilian, undergraduate architecture student at Westminster University in London and when the pandemic put the world in lockdown she put her creativity, focus and determination to teaching herself into the world of watchmaking. Given her personal interest in watches since she was 11, thanks to her father who is a longtime watch enthusiast and a collector, it is not surprising that Betina should have decided to create her own watch brand at age 21. She is heavily influenced by Mid-Century Modern, the Bauhaus and Dieter Rams; she is passionate about designing products that are simple, clean and beautiful.

Moels and Co

We are a designer watch brand rethinking the way we design, build and sell wrist wear. We look to the future beyond watch making, we are not necessarily locked down in tradition, we are a brand seeking out our own path. We are industry outsiders, we take risks, experiment and innovate. Möels & Co is founded on three values: creativity, desirability and accessibility, this is what guides us throughout our entire design process. Our designs are cool, casual and graced with beauty, elegance and sophistication.