Liao Jin-Zhi Defy Communicative Visual Book
Defy Communicative Visual Book is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Print and Published Media Design Award Category.
Defy Communicative Visual Book

During the process of designing the cover for Two Cheers for Anarchism. It provided a chance for designer to reconsider and to revalue the relation between oneself and social systems. By using certain symbolic objects into the design, not only to create a shared life experience towards Anarchism, but also to interpret a way of perspective of Taiwanese folk culture.

Defy Communicative Visual Book
Liao Jin-Zhi Defy
Liao Jin-Zhi Communicative Visual Book
Liao Jin-Zhi design
Liao Jin-Zhi design
Liao Jin-Zhi

The designer was born in Taiwan in 1981. In 2019, he established "Midu Design Studio". He is obsessed with the combination of images and text layouts. As a passionate graphic worker specializing in graphic design and book design. His goal is to create fascinating designs and bring Taiwanese-style designs to the world's attention.

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