Andrea Brunazzi Panca Rivola Seat
Panca Rivola Seat is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Furniture Design Award Category.
Panca Rivola Seat

Rivola is a seat designed to integrate with the natural landscape, a shape that appears as shaped by time and atmospheric agents, a monolith, a sculpture. The project was developed for a seat that can be positioned outside in parks and gardens, it is resistant to atmospheric agents, vandalism and for its installation it does not require a flat and level ground, its own weight and its curvature. allow for safe installation. There is also the version in polished steel, produced only on order.

Panca Rivola Seat
Andrea Brunazzi Panca Rivola
Andrea Brunazzi Seat
Andrea Brunazzi design
Andrea Brunazzi design
Andrea Brunazzi

Who I am? A curious person, nature lover, passionate about old cars and outdoor sports. Colors, lights, sensations bring out new solutions, inspirations for different graphics, a new shape, an idea not yet tested. I would travel all the time to "refresh myself" from distant countries, other cultures ... Nature inspires me, art fascinates me, Italy is my country!


Rivola is the bench, the design object that integrates into the environment by becoming part of it. It is the object that has always existed but no one had yet designed and produced. Serial, industrial production is made simple by the project that uses recycled natural materials always different and that make each piece unique.