Mihael Varbanov S Dent Dental Clinic
S Dent Dental Clinic is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
S Dent Dental Clinic

In fact, strict geometric shapes can successfully fit into almost any interior. Another thing is when the entire design of the room is based on simple lines and concise colors. True fans of geometry will surely like minimalism and functionalism in this dental clinic. Not everyone dares to surround themselves with unusual and extravagant things. The choice is influenced not only by fashion, but also by the modern worldview.

S Dent Dental Clinic
Mihael Varbanov S Dent
Mihael Varbanov Dental Clinic
Mihael Varbanov design
Mihael Varbanov design
Mihael Varbanov

Mihael Varbanov is a young engineer-designer, entrepreneur and co-founder of Design Studio Love 2 Design, where he and his team visualize and realize the dream interiors of people. With his open minded thinking, he have no barriers and boundaries in the furniture industry. As true visionaries, he achieve his goals through hard work, and his motto is: "There are no impossible things!" Quality is a factor he is betting on in every project.

S Dent

S dent is a dental clinic where you will find an atmosphere of comfort and absolute care. Professional doctors will provide timely assistance in dental treatment for both adults and children, as well as in implantation, prosthetics and bite correction. Doctors carry out treatment and preventive procedures based on computer diagnostics data. The clinic is equipped with new generation of equipment, which ensures absolute safety and comfort. A cozy atmosphere created by experienced staff allows patients to fully relax and cope with anxiety. Thanks to the created conditions, the service in the clinic is carried out in the shortest possible time.