Robin, Wang Zhuhai Jiuzhou Poly Tianhe Jinghu Villa
Zhuhai Jiuzhou Poly Tianhe Jinghu Villa is Golden Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Zhuhai Jiuzhou Poly Tianhe Jinghu Villa

Humans evolved from the sea, live on the land, and can swim in the bosom of the sea. When we see birds flying high in the sky, we can't help asking: does human life stop between land and sea? Five hundred years ago, leonardo Da Vinci wrote the Manuscript of The Flight of Birds. He was the first person to design an aircraft in theoretical form, and it was also a great attempt to touch the sky.

Zhuhai Jiuzhou Poly Tianhe Jinghu Villa
Robin, Wang Zhuhai Jiuzhou Poly Tianhe Jinghu
Robin, Wang Villa
Robin, Wang design
Robin, Wang design
Robin, Wang

Mr. Wang Xiaofeng has been practicing the design philosophy of "humanism", taking the emotional and spiritual needs of people as the starting point, actively exploring sustainable contemporary lifestyles and delivering more humanistic and artistic spatial designs. He has 25 years of senior industry experience and his design projects has covered more than 80 cities at home and abroad.

Sunny Neuhaus Partnership

unny Neuhaus Partnership Design Group is an architectural interior space and art design Comprehensive brand was founded in 2008,which Combined by Sunny Decoration Co., Ltd., Sunny Architectural Design Co., Ltd., Uno house Art Co., Ltd. and C.G. brand consultant. SNP is concentrated on supplying professional design service for Real estate and its derivatives industry, includes premium residence, villas, apartments, clubs, sales center, commercial complex, shopping malls, grand office buildings, five-star hotels and furniture etc. Our unique design style and life philosophy has won numerous customer’s identity, and ultimately for the owners to bring surprises and unforgettable life experience. For the last 8 years, SNP has improved a professional design system from a normal design team. The SNP had established the SNP Hong Kong and Shenzhen subsidiary, and then Shanghai as the business center of East China, Chengdu-western China, Wuhan-central China. Our projects have distributed over 30 cities nationwide. Numerous of them were awarded by authority award.