Jackie Lai Doonya Shop and Home for Homeless
Doonya Shop and Home for Homeless is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Social Design Award Category.
Doonya Shop and Home for Homeless

A self–contained, modular shelter unit that can support a sizable individual or family and requires little maintenance. A completely customisable, sustainable full facility that allows a family unit to be built in just four hours, by as few as four people, using just one allen key! Every unit has a unique GPS number, giving the homeless an address, an identity; an alarm to prevent domestic abuse; a terrace for fresh air and sunlight; a roof garden with solar panel & rain water harvesting.

Doonya Shop and Home for Homeless
Jackie Lai Doonya
Jackie Lai Shop and Home for Homeless
Jackie Lai design
Jackie Lai design
Jackie Lai

I have been a design entrepreneur for the last decade and for every single day, I am thinking how design can help me change the way I do business and to create an impact for my personal development – which is to be open to learning and trying new things out. I have been working in teams where most of the time I am the only designer. It is not easy but I learned to deal with others’ perspectives. I have to communicate my ideas more simply and to see much more clearly what I can uniquely contribute as a designer. I am glad I have evolved to become a mentor to many designers whom I groomed and started their own practice.


A social enterprise formed in 2021. DOONYA is driven by a coalition of passionate professionals who wants to make a difference to the community and to the World. DOONYA or Duniya means World or worldly possessions. Logo was inspired by Bella Vedanaigam, shows two hexagonal honeycombs that convey the idea of interconnected living-working pods and the strong community that these homes can help build.