Joy Alexandre Harb Chalets Dada Residential Building
Chalets Dada Residential Building is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Chalets Dada Residential Building

The basic geometrical design was inspired by a child's scribbling when he was asked to create a house. A play between solids, voids and materials was experimented in order to have the final result Located in the high highlands of Lebanon's Faraya Resorts, Chalets Dada exemplify beauty and luxury. The composition is built on the foundation of a ground level hosting one large apartment bordered by a flower garden. Two unusual duplexes are stoned with Terrazzo on the first and attic floors.

Chalets Dada Residential Building
Joy Alexandre Harb Chalets Dada
Joy Alexandre Harb Residential Building
Joy Alexandre Harb design
Joy Alexandre Harb design
Joy Alexandre Harb

Joy Alexandre Harb is a Libano - Serbian Architect mostly famous for his revolutionary designs in the ‘visions’ project, where he presented before and after perspectives of how a city may look like if it was governed by the proper leaders. He is also the co-founder of the multiple award firm JYH International Architects, where he has been involved in designs of all scales, wether a house or a city.

JYH International Architects

JYH International Architects is an office of Architecture, Interior, Engineering and Design, with the objective of accomplishing the client’s vision of unique spaces with a maximum comfort. We have been involved in a multitude of projects in different regions such as the Middle East and Europe. As such, our work varies from residential, retail, educational, resorts, commercial and urban planing. The projects are from all scales, where the high end finishing is always noticeable; we manage projects like exhibition stands, to the complete planning of a land.