Xiao Wu Meet Multifunction Camera
Meet Multifunction Camera is Iron Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Camera and Photography Equipment Design Award Category.
Meet Multifunction Camera

This product combines a camera, a magnetic infinite charging and a radio microphone, and the part where the bracket is connected to the main body can be adjusted from multiple angles. The magnetic suction function can make the mobile phone rotate 360 degrees to meet different needs such as charging and live broadcasting. The radio can be ejected by pressing inward, and can be magnetically attached to the collar. The bottom of the stand is designed with a non-slip silicone ring.

Meet Multifunction Camera
Xiao Wu Meet
Xiao Wu Multifunction Camera
Xiao Wu design
Xiao Wu design
Xiao Wu

They are college students from Zhengzhou University of Light Industry in China. They are eager to express their attitude towards life and convey their design philosophy through product design. I hope their design is practical, beautiful, and the products effectively solve the problems encountered today, and be accepted by the public. They believe that as designers, they must constantly improve their artistic, cultural and other aspects of cultivation through learning, and give their works cultural connotation and style characteristics. Product design should do: the design of products should be advanced, high quality, can meet the needs of users, so that the manufacturer and users of the product can achieve better economic benefits, environmental protection and beautiful.