Gong Qi Yuan Muqi Jin Yuanyuan Roam Mobile Application
Roam Mobile Application is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design Award Category.
Roam Mobile Application

People need a good way to manage their emotions in order to face increasing social pressures. So Roam, a emotion management application, which starts from the perspective of the game, allowing users to travel in the virtual world and record their emotions. In the happy game, user can learn to get along with emotions and have a better understand of themselves. Roam will analyse the reasons leading to people’s emotions so as to help users cope with the emotional crisis that may come next.

Roam Mobile Application
Gong Qi    Yuan Muqi    Jin Yuanyuan Roam
Gong Qi    Yuan Muqi    Jin Yuanyuan Mobile Application
Gong Qi    Yuan Muqi    Jin Yuanyuan design
Gong Qi    Yuan Muqi    Jin Yuanyuan design
Gong Qi Yuan Muqi Jin Yuanyuan

Gong Qi is a student majoring in design and is interested in all cutting-edge issues of design. In particular, he is interested in game design, XR and popular science education, and is interested in exploring cross fields such as human-computer interaction in his later academic career. She ranked first in her major during her undergraduate course and won many domestic awards. She has very basic professional knowledge and interesting design ideas. With the goal of becoming an excellent interaction designer, keep moving forward.

Southeast University

Southeast University is a higher education institution in China, which is good at science, engineering and art. The product design specialty is committed to cultivating students' comprehensive design ability and designing for environmental landscape, interactive products and user experience.