Maksim Zinchuk Flying in Dreams Levitation Photography
Flying in Dreams Levitation Photography is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Award Category.
Flying in Dreams Levitation Photography

People always dream. Dreams make a human move forward. Where they will lead depends on imagination and the efforts he or she encloses. In childhood, these dreams are usually purer and brighter. That is why the photographer uses children's characters in white outfits. To create a surreal effect in the "Flying in Dreams" series, Maxim Zinchuk utilizes the levitation photography technique. The main idea of the series is perfectly complemented by the words of William Shakespeare: "all things that are, are with more spirit chased than enjoyed".

Flying in Dreams Levitation Photography
Maksim Zinchuk Flying in Dreams
Maksim Zinchuk Levitation Photography
Maksim Zinchuk design
Maksim Zinchuk design
Maksim Zinchuk

Maksim Zinchuk, working as a Graphic Designer and Art Director, has successfully completed numerous creative projects for companies and gained the reputation of a responsible partner. His knowledge and background education in marketing gives him a strong understanding of client tasks. Maksim is also known as a professional photographer, specializing in portraits, products, and landscapes. Living in Toronto, Canada, Maksim with his partner and wife, Nargiza Usmanava, is running his own design studio NUMZ Graphics. NUMZ Graphics is an award-winning company providing professional marketing and visual solutions for its clients.

Maxim Zinchuk Photography

Maxim Zinchuk is a portrait photographer based in Toronto, Canada. Holding a certificate in Digital Photographer with high honours, Maxim has managed to shoot in different genres of portrait photography: family portraits, business portraits, fashion, and events. Art photography is an additional direction and “the most excited", as Maxim said. “Working in art photography gives you additional motivation and freedom to establish you as an artist”, he adds.