Au Jie Min Are We Womenswear Collection
Are We Womenswear Collection is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Category.
Are We Womenswear Collection

Are We collection, as an awareness on awaking the serious issues that been happened towards the nature. The theme named as Are We, to question people that are human being as pest to the planet. With the highlights on nature beauty to awake people's minds that preservation is needed. The collection designed in a calm and soft pastel tone to enhance the sense of nature inspire. Designer implemented the hand crafted coral like ornament that made of soft thin netting and heavily added the flares layers to emphasis the a full and soft movement of the collection.

Are We Womenswear Collection
Au Jie Min Are We
Au Jie Min Womenswear Collection
Au Jie Min design
Au Jie Min design
Au Jie Min

Jasmine Au Jie Min, Fashion Design Student from Raffles University, Malaysia. She would like to express her perspective on the society issues that been neglected or negatively affecting the human and nature world rapidly through her collections. Throughout the 3 years of Bachelor in Fashion Design, she had designed few collections which reflective different issues that should be concerned by the society and make betterment. Although that fashion design will constantly be neglected when it reflects about issues and awareness but Jasmine still wish to do something throughout the bachelor journey and make it happens on her favourite field, FASHION.


JA-JMI is named according to the founder, Jasmine Au Jie Min and it pronounce close to the pronunciation of Chinese name, JIE MIN. It is a future plan from Jasmine to establish a brand with sustainability approaches to involve herself into the mission of moving green and save the planet. The inspiration to start up a sustainable brand come from the journey of learning fashion design in Raffles University. In 2019, she designed her first collection from the first design project and she reflect the live issues through garment. Through the process of researching, developing and creating her art pieces, she found out wide range of article that highlighted how sick is the planet now. Human's behaviour is the main factor that impacts and destroyed the lovely Earth. She wanted to make some changes, even though it is only a minor contribution but she believe that every success start from first step and branch of minor things.