Ling Chen Hebei Hua Ao Hospital Trauma Treatment Center
Hebei Hua Ao Hospital Trauma Treatment Center is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Hebei Hua Ao Hospital Trauma Treatment Center

Hebei Huaao hospital takes snow streamer as the design concept. It is an international and intelligent medical and nursing union medical institution with the characteristics of trauma first aid and integrating the functions of medical treatment, rehabilitation and science and education. As a supporting project for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, it has created a benchmark of the most scientific and technological image Medical Center for Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Games area through integrated design of architecture, landscape and interior.

Hebei Hua Ao Hospital Trauma Treatment Center
Ling Chen Hebei Hua Ao Hospital
Ling Chen Trauma Treatment Center
Ling Chen design
Ling Chen design
Ling Chen

Chen Ling is the co-founder and chief designer of WSP ARCHITECTS. He was elected as the top 10 new Chinese architect in 2005, one of the initiators of the international Chinese American architect club, a member of Chinese housing security expert group of the housing security and public housing policy committee, a member of the expert committee of Urban Planning, Land & Resources Commission of Shenzhen Municipality, and the 2015 Committee of the green housing design competition in Henan province; lecturer at the National Federation of industry and Commerce Design Alliance practice business school. So far, Chen Ling has done hundreds of planning and architectural design projects, his concept of "walkable city" has been published by numerous authoritative media in hundreds of planning and architectural design projects.

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Wsp Architects is an internationalized creative architectural design institute with sustainable innovation. It is also one of the first-class brand in the high-end creative field of architectural design in China.Founded in 1996 in Munich, WSP ARCHITECTS has created over 350 high-quality buildings across 40 core cities in China. It accumulates rich experience in large project operation and has customers and strategic partners in successful cooperation. Its scope of service covers industrial real estate and headquarters, modern quality residence, urban design, mixed use, landmark and other fields. It sets up a standard and an example for design of enterprise headquarters in China. Its professional advantages, excellent creativity and pioneering design philosophies are widely recognized by the society and the industry. It won over 300 awards well known across the world.