Zijie Liu Wheel X Multifunction Steering
Wheel X Multifunction Steering is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Vehicle Parts, Auto Accessories and Care Products Design Award Category.
Wheel X Multifunction Steering

The design of Wheel X future steering wheel is based on the different needs of the driver under different driving scenarios and motives. The steering wheel will automatically extend and rotate the grip to realize the switching of three modes of unmanned driving, natural driving and sports driving. The inner surface of the grip will transform into a bump texture when in motion, and the outer side has dynamic lighting.

Wheel X Multifunction Steering
Zijie Liu Wheel X
Zijie Liu Multifunction Steering
Zijie Liu design
Zijie Liu design
Zijie Liu

He is Liu Zijie, an undergraduate student from China Academy of Art majoring in industrial design. He loves life, and at the same time likes to observe the problems in life and solve them through design, which also makes him love the profession of industrial design. Through the study of art and design in college, he began to have a certain understanding of design and began to advocate functionalism. He hopes to improve people's way of life through his design thinking.