Sushant Vohra Capsule Lighting System
Capsule Lighting System is Golden Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Capsule Lighting System

The Capsule lighting system is a collection of home lighting elements. Capsule is a re-configurable and versatile lighting solution that focuses on three primary pillars of current needs: productivity, entertainment, and ambience. It employs a one of a kind pressure fit attachment feature that allows the primary lighting module to be reoriented and paired with various base modules to create unique archetypes. Capsule can be used as a desk lamp, an entertainment mood light, or a hanging ceiling lamp in your house.

Capsule Lighting System
Sushant Vohra Capsule
Sushant Vohra Lighting System
Sushant Vohra design
Sushant Vohra design
Sushant Vohra

Sushant is an Industrial Designer and a design educator. He is a builder of inspiring products and crafts strategic vision for future concepts. An advocate of collaboration, he helps build cultures, practices and methodologies that lead to success. He has a details oriented approach to complex problems and a unique ability to zoom out to see the bigger picture in business and design. Sushant designs for the modern world, empathizing with the needs of today and anticipating behaviors of tomorrow.

Sushant Vohra

Sushant Vohra is an award winning Industrial designer based in SF, Bay Area working for fortune 500 companies as well as startups to bring their vision to life. Over the last 5 years, Sushant has collaborated with various companies working on products that range from healthcare to consumer technology, lifestyle to furniture. Design strategy, concept conception and implementation, and design development are among Sushant's core competencies.