Thomas von Kummant Gung Ho Illustration
Gung Ho Illustration is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Gung Ho Illustration

Gung Ho is an Americanism derived from Chinese and means "motivated, committed and working together in harmony". Over the years it took on different meanings, e.g. in World War 2 it was used by the Marines in the Pacific as a battle cry. In this story Gung Ho is a slang term for "hot" heated and overzealous, without regard of losses. The synergy of aesthetics and narration supports the tone of the scenario and the perspective on the events from the point of view of teenagers. The image captures the moment of menacing danger, youthful courage and pure released teenage adrenalin.

Gung Ho Illustration
Thomas von Kummant Gung Ho
Thomas von Kummant Illustration
Thomas von Kummant design
Thomas von Kummant design
Thomas von Kummant

Thomas von Kummant is a freelance illustrator, concept artist, character designer, art director and comic artist from Munich. He works together with other concept artists, film producers and a professor at the Munich Film Academy in the collaborative studio Reaktor in Munich. The award-winning comic series Gung Ho, which he developed and realized together with Benjamin von Eckartsberg, was published by the Swiss publisher Edition Paquet and translated into several languages. His clients include film productions such as studio Laika, Pixar studios, Disney, Blur Studio and many more.

Thomas von Kummant

The project Gung Ho was financed and published for the french market by the Swiss publisher Edition Paquet. It was developed by Thomas von Kummant after the script by Benjamin von Eckartsberg, who shared the studio Die Artillerie in munich once the project started.