Rodrigo Kirck Atma Apartment Building
Atma Apartment Building is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Atma Apartment Building

Iconic design, which uses parametric technology in the design in constant motion. This technology reflects the design concept aimed at a new generation of users. This was the project development concept. The final product features an ever-changing building, where your users will always see a different design, from different angles.

Atma Apartment Building
Rodrigo Kirck Atma
Rodrigo Kirck Apartment Building
Rodrigo Kirck design
Rodrigo Kirck design
Rodrigo Kirck

I am a restless architect and urban planner, always in search of new challenges. In this search for challenges, I try to challenge everything that is obvious and collective, I always work with other professionals, because I believe that creating new solutions are fundamental in processes with other people. My main achievement was to be awarded internationally with a project reusing conteiners, showing that even working in a city in the interior of my country, it is possible to do different and contribute to the production of design and architecture. I contribute to society by producing knowledge as a teacher in postgraduate programs, being a professional adviser in the national architects' autarchy and by always working in teams with professionals, trainees and clients, in a collective and plural manner. I believe that I become an interesting person when positioning myself in a restless way and always want to look for new ways to see the world and solve problems, be they in design or architecture.

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Itapema Empreendimentos is a construction company that has as a reference, in the civil construction market, the excellence and sustainability of its projects, through the adoption of the best process practices and the premise of creativity and design in each product developed.