Design 1st Calibre Breath Metabolic Tracker
Calibre Breath Metabolic Tracker is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Wearable Technologies Design Award Category.
Calibre Breath Metabolic Tracker

Calibre was inspired by a belief that access to meaningful, reliable data can improve everyday health and performance. Calibre packs a suite of gas and pressure sensors into a tiny, portable, wireless electronics module that clips to a comfortable face piece. It is comfortable, functional, aesthetic, and lightweight, featuring adjustable Velcro tabs and the right pressure for a comfortable fit around the nose and mouth. A precise tracking app visualizes the data from multiple gas sensors to measure composition of breath flow in real time.

Calibre Breath Metabolic Tracker
Design 1st Calibre
Design 1st Breath Metabolic Tracker
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Design 1st design
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Calibre Biometrics was founded with a vision of bringing the richness of breath measurement and calorimetry to consumers. We are first and foremost a technology company based in Boston, with a world-class engineering team in Ottawa and Edmonton. We believe that meaningful, reliable data can facilitate improved everyday health and performance, and our mission is to provide people access to the wealth of information carried in their own breath.