Marco Coletti Quattro Eco Smart Garden
Quattro Eco Smart Garden is Bronze Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Homeware Design Award Category.
Quattro Eco Smart Garden

Quattro is a ceramic smart garden with the best light for plants. Designers use an ancestral, effective, and 100 percent natural irrigation system, the "Olla". The oldest known traces were found in China 4,000 years ago. Ancient Rome also used this technique. Thanks to the use of micro-porous terracotta, the roots draw the quantity of water necessary for their needs. In this way, the water shock is avoided and plant growth is harmonious. Reduction in water consumption with a water autonomy of up to 2 weeks. In addition, Quattro is provided of a special Grow lamp with an integrated time.

Quattro Eco Smart Garden
Marco Coletti Quattro
Marco Coletti Eco Smart Garden
Marco Coletti design
Marco Coletti design

Kigarden is a young startup from Italy & France that has developed a new concept of smart gardens for indoor gardening. This project combines contemporary design with an ecologic soul and ancient herbal traditions. The mission is to help everyone to grow the wellness with incredible products able to reconnect with Nature and restore the internal energy, the Ki of everyone.