Marco Naccarella Intrigo Hybrid Hypercar
Intrigo Hybrid Hypercar is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Car and Land Based Motor Vehicles Design Award Category.
Intrigo Hybrid Hypercar

Featuring a classic 9,500 rpm V12 engine at its core, and a structurally integrated 400 Kw electric engine to boot, this hybrid supercar was born for driving. The Intrigo features active aero for its downforce and cooling, as well as some of the lowest drag coefficients ever seen on a supercar. Moreover, it features regenerative braking, allowing for extended range on battery use. Lastly, it contains a panoramic sunroof, for minimalist styling with maximum effect.

Intrigo Hybrid Hypercar
Marco Naccarella Intrigo
Marco Naccarella Hybrid Hypercar
Marco Naccarella design
Marco Naccarella design
Marco Naccarella

As an Architect and Industrial Designer, Marco’s main target is to achieve innovation and experimentation trough the use of both classic and modern styling, alongside cutting-edge technology and manufacturing. With a portfolio with a large spectrum of project, Marco has a single motto: ‘Talent is not tail at birth’.

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