Design studio EduDesign Kaleidoscope Kindergarten
Kaleidoscope Kindergarten is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Kaleidoscope Kindergarten

Flexible space of kindergarten favorably influences the comprehensive development of children. The game room is set not only for games, but also for holding classes in a room. There are soft stands on the walls for fixing children's drawings and applications. Shelves and buttons have open spaces, so that children can take the right materials for creativity or play on their own. We believe that the educational environment itself should encourage children to become active. Flexible environment is important to develop personal qualities such as independence, choice and communication skills.

Kaleidoscope Kindergarten
Design studio EduDesign Kaleidoscope
Design studio EduDesign Kindergarten
Design studio EduDesign design
Design studio EduDesign design
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The design studio for the educational environment EduDesign develops modern spaces for schools, kindergartens, educational centers, libraries and other educational organizations. Since 2013, a team of professionals has been modernizing educational spaces in terms of design, designing furniture for education, developing logos, corporate identity, navigation, etc. Over the years, the studio has submitted more than 250 individual projects for implementation, actively participated in the development of the Standard for Standard Solutions “Moscow School” and formed its own approach to design for education.