Wei Zhang (Wynne.Z) Petite Foret Wedding Banquet Hall
Petite Foret Wedding Banquet Hall is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Event and Happening Design Award Category.
Petite Foret Wedding Banquet Hall

Petite Foret means little forest. This is a bold spatial art attempt to bring a jungle indoors. This immersive space design is not only a small jungle that only belongs to you and me, but also a challenge to the imagination and a confession to nature. The small forest is not a dilapidated virgin jungle, nor a fantasy paradise. It is a paradise that awakens everyone's peaceful heart. It is also an unforgettable wedding and art exhibition for the newlyweds, calling for a return to nature and sealing nature in the hearts of every participant.

Petite Foret Wedding Banquet Hall
Wei Zhang (Wynne.Z) Petite Foret
Wei Zhang (Wynne.Z) Wedding Banquet Hall
Wei Zhang (Wynne.Z) design
Wei Zhang (Wynne.Z) design
Wei Zhang (Wynne.Z)

Top wedding person, world-famous space atmosphere designer and stage art crossover designer, known as "star wedding maker" in the industry, has provided private customized services at home and abroad for many celebrities, politicians and business elites, and provided aesthetic output for wedding, baby banquet, theme party, enterprise annual meeting, film and television banquet and space scene design. Over the past eight years, he has been planning and designing more than 300 weddings. He always adheres to the design concept of "love is the foundation of all good things". He does not fawn on vulgarity. With professional quality and unique understanding of beauty and advanced sense, he delivers advanced design concepts and excellent works to the industry.

Wei Zhang

WeddingWind and style is a planning and design team dedicated to improving the beauty of public spaces and providing private customized services for elite customers with high-level quality requirements around the world. Zhang Wei is the founder and design director of this team. In addition to leaving their unique wedding experience for the loving couple, Zhang Wei is also a space creative art designer and independent artist, good at inspiring and creating artistic creations that make the audience think and innovative concept space to create. Adhering to the artistic concept of "love is the foundation of all beauty", we will bring more beautiful art and space works to the public, so that the public can perceive beauty, recognize beauty and pursue beauty for all. "More love, more understanding of love" is the common slogan of WeddingWind and style and Zhang Wei.