Arevo Scotsman Electric Scooter
Scotsman Electric Scooter is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award Category.
Scotsman Electric Scooter

Scotsman is the world's first fully connected, all carbon fiber scooter. Most existing scooters suffer multiple trade offs: power comes at the cost of bulk, while easy portability often correlates with weak power and short range. Scotsman is designed to overcome such compromises. The frame is 3D printed in a single pass from thermoplastic carbon fiber composite, a proprietary recipe that results in a strong yet lightweight and aesthetically pleasing structure. Complete with smart features, Scotsman represents a new category leader for premium, stylish, and eco-friendly transportation.

Scotsman Electric Scooter
Arevo Scotsman
Arevo Electric Scooter
Arevo design
Arevo design

AREVO is a Silicon Valley-based company that specializes in complex additive manufacturing. Through proprietary 3D printing technology, Arevo partners with product designers and manufacturers to develop and produce products featuring ultrastrong, lightweight continuous carbon fiber parts manufactured at scale. Supported by a print farm in Vietnam, Arevo is reinventing the way composite parts are made for production and scale.


Scotsman is a California-based brand that produces custom 3D-printed, carbon fiber composite electric scooters. Using advanced carbon fiber composite materials and innovative additive manufacturing technology, Scotsman offers a green mode of transportation that doesn’t compromise power, range, portability, or aesthetics. Each unit is custom-crafted for its rider according to its precise measurements. Scotsman is the consumer electric scooter brand of AREVO, Inc., which maintains R&D and manufacturing spaces in California and Vietnam.