Junshen Pan Migo 3D Printer
Migo 3D Printer is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Product Engineering and Technical Design Award Category.
Migo 3D Printer

The design Migo unifies the three elements of the traditional 3D printer shell, the structural skeleton and the link node in one innovative all-metal integrated shell. The transmission logic, hides all complex links, matches the hidden nodes on the housing, and modularizes all necessary transmission structures, so the whole structure turns to be beautiful and more durable. Meanwhile, The design has removable attachment for printing materials and a type-c cable that can be easily installed, detached and be quickly carried and converted into an engraving machine.

Migo 3D Printer
Junshen Pan Migo
Junshen Pan 3D Printer
Junshen Pan design
Junshen Pan design
Junshen Pan

Junshen Pan MakeX INC. designer Designed all the products of MakeX INC. Including M-Jewerly series, M-One series, Migo series and other products across industrial and consumer grades. With a background in Architecture Design, he is passionate about the possibilities that new manufacturing methods bring to design. The new manufacturing methods can bring great changes in our work patterns & life style.

MakeX INC.

MakeX INC. is a professional 3d Printer manufacturer. It's a creative company of talented designers, makers & innovators. Design with beauty build in truth is MakeX's principle, every detail in design is well considered to Create new things and to change people’s lives for the better is its goal. MakeX is passionate about improving every detail of designs, to discover the world from a different perspective. The digital age changes People's life in every aspect, MakeX will to create new possibilities by integrating digital technology into traditional manufacturing.