Concept i Chengdu Forte Financial Island Retail Design
Chengdu Forte Financial Island Retail Design is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Chengdu Forte Financial Island Retail Design

The interior design vision twists and delves deep into the thriving and edgy fashion future of Chengdu. Inspired by some of the iconic senses of Nature, Art, Culture, and Taste of Chengdu, interior spaces are imagined through the lens of Futurism. This artistic collage celebrates the energy and dynamism of the modern technology and design while opposing traditional form and style. The theme of Futurism fuses contemporary Chengdu into a new and experiential retail environment.

Chengdu Forte Financial Island Retail Design
Concept i Chengdu Forte Financial Island
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Concept i design
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Geoff Morrison is the Founder and CEO of Concept i. He has been responsible since 1996 to develop and grow Concept i into an award winning, multidisciplinary design practice specializing in high profile commercial, retail and leisure projects. He is Canadian with professional design degrees and qualifications from Canada and the UK. His more than 30 years of experience span the UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and China. His work history includes senior positions with BDP UK and Forrec Canada in the retail, commercial and entertainment design fields. He is a regular speaker at professional conferences and an active member of international professional institutes to promote new thinking and design excellence worldwide. Geoff is passionate about innovation though cross disciplinary collaboration. His versatility is injected at strategy and planning stages, defining the project DNA, and then ensuring rigorous adherence to the design goals throughout the development process. Under the leadership of Geoff, Concept i has completed more than 150 projects in over 16 countries.

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Concept i is an award-winning interior design and architecture studio globally engaged in retail, commercial, and entertainment projects. It creates innovative places for living and enjoyment, crossing cultural and geographic boundaries, injecting the newest trends, technologies, and materiality into our work. Its work is vibrant, always seeking fresh ways to mix human activities and uses into new style spaces. Its retail and entertainment projects receive top industry awards and recognition from the pier institutes such as ICSC, IAAPA, and International Property Awards. From the Bangkok and Shanghai bases of the studio, it designs, communicates and manages its working process with utmost attention to client needs. The studio is genuinely multi-disciplinary, with in-house interior designers, architects, theme designers, lighting, graphics, and branding designers. It thrives on idea sharing and cross-collaboration.