Shunyi Yang Urban Blocks Bench Module
Urban Blocks Bench Module is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Street Furniture Design Award Category.
Urban Blocks Bench Module

The urban furniture prototypes can easily adapt to any built environment. With low carbon 3D printed concrete technology, structural algorithm optimization, and the robotics fabrication system, Urban Blocks' form can be positioned and combined for different purposes single bench, double-side bench, sofas, planters, and variations in-between. The geometry and scale of the mobile units permit easier assemblies to fit the human body. This design aims to empower the communities by prefabricating urban blocks and to open up countless possibilities to populate our public spaces.

Urban Blocks Bench Module
Shunyi Yang Urban Blocks
Shunyi Yang Bench Module
Shunyi Yang design
Shunyi Yang design
Shunyi Yang

Yiqing Wang is a designer born and raised in Shanghai and is now an M.Arch Candidate at MIT. She achieved a B.Arch degree from Tongji University and worked for several architectural firms. Her projects focus on narratives, context, structure, and tectonics - with an interest in materiality, perception, and representation. Her skills include painting, making, advanced architectural design, and prototyping. Shunyi Yang brings a technical background in power generation and engineering with her cross-functional product development skills.

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RAB Lab aims to develop robotic fabrication systems for mass-production of prefab houses, eliminating inefficient construction, labor shortage, and non-sustainable materials. We are poised to have a greater impact due to its growing market and a clear path to commercialization.