Mo Zheng I Do Emergent Arts Retail Space
I Do Emergent Arts Retail Space is Golden Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
I Do Emergent Arts Retail Space

The I Do artist store in Wuhan, China blends uniquely spatial and sculptural elements to create a highly expressive, enticing and inspiring user experience. At the center of the space, and protruding through the facade, a massive 9m steel sculpture rises from the first floor space and emerges on the second floor. Symbolically, the one to one scale elephant and figures represent the wisdom, strength and unity as a projection of the relationships which can be embodied by those visitors to the retail space.

I Do Emergent Arts  Retail Space
Mo Zheng I Do Emergent Arts
Mo Zheng Retail Space
Mo Zheng design
Mo Zheng design
Mo Zheng

Mo Zheng as principal and design partner at AntiStatics Architecture has founded the Beijing studio with Cornell Professor Martin Miller in 2015. She has involved in all aspects of the design and working with the clients and developers directly. She is specialized in urban master planning and architecture design-built. She ensures great design visions through all phases. Ms. Zheng has many years’ experience working on varies projects both in China and internationally. Before founding AntiStatics Architecture with Martin Miller, she was working at Asymptote Architecture in New York as project architect and China Chief Representative. In addition, Ms. Zheng has taught at University of Pennsylvania M. Arch program for over two years, including Visual Studies III and second year core studio. Ms. Zheng is born and raised in Beijing, China. She holds a Master degree of Architecture from University of Pennsylvania and bachelor degree in Visual Arts and Architecture from SUNY at Buffalo.

I Do (Hiersun Group)

Antistatics Architecture is an international boutique design office operating across scales through the integration of emerging technologies, artificial intelligence and digital fabrication to produce novel expressive, immersive and inspiring spaces. Our practice is founded on the idea of collaboration, we believe in experimentation and development leveraging knowledge from one scale and applying to another. Our work looks to the development of robust integrated systems as an approach to problem solving seeking to create informed ecosystems of architecture and design.